Rolpo VMS

Rolp VMS beta 1.0.0 is a Cloud based software for back office administration designed in association with vehicle rental agencies, making vehicle rental business owner's work more efficient by giving them better business control.

Easy to Handle

Designed to handle complex bookings and payments based on mileage (method used by South Asia), we have simple interface that is easier to handle with little training.


Our pricing is based on schemes that ensure support and regular updates. You can connect us any time during office hours via email/Viber or phone calls.

complete package

In every step of your business, we've got your back. Our software provides a single platform for carrying out every administrative tasks from booking of a vehicle to its billing processes.


With your subscription to Rolpo VMS, you can rest assured that the software is always updated and up to industry standards with lifetime updates.

Your requirements are Unique !

Do you operate your business in developing world?Then obviously your requirements might not match with the features from software developed for other world. You require something that should match your specific needs and adds value to your business such as driver/chauffeur management, follow fuel/breakdown rules such as "who pays what" and most importantly should be easier to handle by employees with little technical knowledge.

Why Rolpo VMS

Rolpo VMS helps your bookings done efficiently, giving you greater business control that ultimately give you an opportunity to grow your business.

Paperless Operations

Your business operations are paperless with use of Rolpo VMS while generating significant time and cost saving as well as protecting your environment.

Data Ownership

The data is owned by the customer. In any case of termination, we will provide ALL DATA to the client in a readable format such as SQL or CSV.


Built in a fully cloud based environment, our customers' privacy and valuable data are stored in world's renowned web hosting provider that is secure and with 99.99% uptime.

Is rolpo vms for my business?

Rolpo VMS is just for you if your business matches any of the following conditions:
  • If your business provide vehicle on rent on daily/monthly basis.
  • If you lease Vendor's vehicle for your customer based on your customer's need and priority.
  • If you have company's driver or Vendor's driver assigned for each booking.
  • If you have driver on salary basis or need to pay vendor's driver for certain booking & their expenses during the trip.
  • If you need a system that manages your customer/vendor information such as staffs/vehicles.
  • If you need general report as well as report precisely & specific for your expenses.

Rolpo VMS Features

Here are few of popular features from Rolpo VMS to help you manange your vehicle rental business efficiently and smoothly.

Booking Management

Setup vendors/customers as well as manage information according to your needs. Booking/Reservation is made far much easier using using Rolpo.

User management

With each user assigned with specific roles, you have the power to manage who will do what. You can create unlimited users with customized access and security.

Customized reports

Instead of browsing through dozens of pre-formatted reports for general reporting or for any specific report based on your specific needs, let us know what you want.We do that for Free.

Back office Adminstration

Rolpo VMS helps in back office administration by streamlining and standardizing the procedures used by small and medium vehicle rental companies across developing world.

Finance & Account Management

Our Payments section, lets you manage billing, payments, vehicle expenses to all of your bookings including payments for previous vehicle/vendor as well as driver with each booking.

Extra Features

With each sales, we provide you unlimited training, a functional & dynamic website for your business * and of course unlimited support.

*Conditions apply

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We don't have any hidden fees. Buy when you are ready after the trial. The price of the application is based on monthly license fee that ensure training support and updates and paid yearly.

Do you want to know how big a difference can Rolpo VMS make to your vehicle renting business?

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